Cervical Spine Surgery in India – Cheap and Accessible to Everyone


India offers cervical spine surgery at a very low cost. Medical tourism assures that the surgery costs in India are very less as compared to countries like USA or UK. The foreign patients who come to India for treatment saves about 25-30% of money in surgery. Cervical spine surgery in India is conducted in cities like Mumbai and Delhi, which has some of the finest spine surgery doctors and hospitals.

Cervical Spine

The cervical spine is composed of many different anatomic structures, including muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints. Each of these structures has nerve endings that can detect painful problems when they occur. The different parts of the cervical spine are normally well balanced and able to handle all of the movements, stresses, and strains of the body gracefully. However, when the different parts of the cervical spine are injured or start to wear out, your neck can be a significant source of pain and discomfort.


 Reasons behind the Surgery

One of the painful conditions which could lead to the surgery is if the patient has a disc herniation on the cervical vertebrae (neck area). There are also those who have cervical deformities, spinal stenosis or due to a painful and physically traumatic accident. The only way that the condition can be diagnosed is if a doctor examines the area thoroughly and after a series of tests had been done which may include x-rays, ultrasound or an MRI. These tests will determine if there is a real need for a surgery and if there is, then a discussion with the doctor about what to expect.


After cervical surgery, it is absolutely crucial that you are able to maintain circulation around your legs, and therefore you should do the prescribed exercises between three and four times every day. If you fail to perform any type of movement, this will heighten your chances of post surgery complications, and therefore you need to make sure that you follow any guidelines set out very closely. Until the doctor gives you the go-ahead, the only exercises that you should be doing once you have actually left the hospital will be very simple walking exercises and leg reclining exercises. It is absolutely crucial that you do not try to lift weights or do any strenuous exercise, and make sure you avoid any type of resistance training that causes you to twist or turn on your spine at all.


Why India?

A simple question arises, Why to have Cervical Spine Surgery in India? Well, the answer is also simple – cheap, accessible and good spine surgeons. It is to be noted that though the western world is hugely active in technologies and is at the height of progress in all fields, yet India has produced world’s renowned Spinal surgeons, which are working to serve you the best at various Spine hospitals in India.  Medical care, comfortable travel provisions, patient care and hospital lodging attract high-end tourists especially from European countries and the Middle East.

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